Card XVIIII: The Sun (Le Soleil)

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            Along the same conceptual lines of the previous card, the number 19 breaks down into 10 + 9, 10 representing the universal cycle and 9 representing perfection, as it realizes the product of 3 x 3, which is to say, the union of the two ternaries, one in the Individual, the other in the Universal, a fusion which presents a complete harmony.

            19 can also be considered as issuing from 9 + 9 + 1; the two 9s forming a new ternary adjustment of the individual with the universal, no less complete than the preceding one, and unity. This other aspect of perfection represents a resumption, but on firm foundations.By its evolution, this cycle, this world, necessitates a change of plan.

            The principles of the Universal, while fusing with those of the Individual, cause matter to vibrate; it is illuminated, achieves autonomy, extends its vibrations and rays over that which surrounds it. This is why Card XVIIII represents the concrete expression of this harmony through the Sun.

General and Abstract Meaning


            It stands in opposition to the preceding one which represents the action of Man, separated, distanced from that of the divine, while through its image of the Sun, as well as the number which designates it, it shows the reception of a divine form, radiant and beneficient; it follows that this grants the spirit a harmonious mastery over matter.

Specific Analogies

            The Sun is depicted facing the viewer to show that its force is universal and does not have a light side and a dark side. It is represented with the appearance of a man, indicating therefore that the manifestation of the divine takes on a human appearance.

            The rays alternate between triangles and flames. The triangular rays denote the perfect accord which emanates from this star, and the rays in the shape of flames, the devouring effect it exerts, because the man going forth under their radiance is entirely absorbed by the divine force which has sent it forth. They are of all colors to make the universality of their harmony manifest.

            The teardrops falling from the Sun, represented with their points upward, indicate a fertile emanation, without any loss to itself (as in the Moon card), but rather with a fullness which is exalted in their approach to what is below. Their red, yellow, and blue colors indicate that they have their foundation as much on the material as on the spiritual plane or that of intelligence.

            The two beings placed under the Sun represent a perfect union of the spiritual and the material. Their sexes are different to show that their quality is connected as much to their active as their passive sides. The one which rests its hand on the other’s shoulder indicates the active principle, while his companion, who is placing a hand on the center of the other one’s body and holds the other hand back, shows that it holds something in reserve and removed. This disposition highlights the balance which exists between them and which is due to them being a creation of the divine plan. Their flesh color specifies that the action of the divine plane takes place on the plane of existence.

            Their waistbands highlight the demarcation of the high and the low, the spiritual and the material, whose fusion has been indicated in the discussion about the number of this card; it is blue to show that there is in this representation neither low principles nor elevated ones, but only a spiritual emanation.

            The little yellow wall, topped with red, indicates the possibility of constructions in the physical world without obstruction, a possibility of creating a harmonious edifice, stable and solid.

            The ground is yellow to show that the base has been constructed through divine intelligence.

Position of the Figures

            The position of the face of the Sun underscores its direct action, full, direct, and having come from Above. The two beings turned towards each other denote an balanced and harmonious activity, since passivity is to the left and activity to the right, turning towards each other, imbuing each other.  They are very much the counterpart to the two beings of the card “LE DIABLE.”

Specific and Concrete Meaning

            The name “LE SOLEIL” has been given to it in the sense of radiance, because the sun which shines on the world gives it vitality and harmony.

Meanings As They Relate to The Three Planes

            MENTAL.  Towering vision. Wisdom in writings, harmonious diffusion on the multitude below,radiance of thought with great import.

            ANIMISTIC.  Chivalrous affection, selfless devotion. This card only refers to great passions.

            PHYSICAL.  Health, physical beauty. Element of triumph and success in some situation in which you find yourself.

            INVERTED. Great adversity, unlucky fate, fumbling in the dark.


            In sum: in its Elementary Sense, “LE SOLEIL” represents the light always present in Man, which appears in the activity of day, veiled in nocturnal medications, which enable one to raise up with clarity and harmony one’s edifices–material, emotional, or spiritual

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