Le Tarot de Marseille by Paul Marteau

Table of Contents:

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Translation by Kitos Digiovanni

Dear Fellow Tarotists and Tarotologists,

                       Paul Marteau’s book about the Marseille deck is a milestone in the history of Tarot interpretation, but little known in the Anglophone world where Tarots in the Rider-Waite-Smith genus have dominated the scene. In recent years, however, the U.S. and the U.K. have seen a growing interest in the Marseille deck, so I thought an English translation of Marteau’s book was due. 

            Right, well…here is some of it.

       It is my ambition to translate the entire volume, but I shall be doing it piecemeal, and definitely not in sequence. I’ll add chapters to this Table of Contents as I finish them. This is very much a draft, subject to revision, and open to any suggestions or criticisms you have to offer. Although there are no English translations of this book, there is a Spanish version by M. Luz Gonzáles, published by EDAF. I have sometimes consulted this for any clarity it might provide for my comprehension of Marteau’s prose. 

     The French edition I am working with was published in 1981 by Arts et Métiers Graphiques.  The original was published in 1949.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Paul Marteau

Orientation of Figures and Symbolism of Body Parts


Card I: The Juggler (Le Bateleur)

Card II: The Female Pope (La Papesse)

Card III: The Empress (L’Impératrice)

Card IIII: The Emperor (L’Empereur)

Card V: The Pope (Le Pape)

Card VI: The Lover (L’Amoureux)

Card VII: The Chariot (Le Chariot)

Card VIII: Justice (La Justice)

Card VIIII: The Hermit (L’Hermite)

Card X: Wheel of Fortune (La Roue)

Card XI: Force (La Force)

Card XII: The Hanged Man (Le Pendu)

Card XIII: Death (….)

Card XIIII: Temperance (La Tempérance)

Card XV: The Devil (Le Diable)

Card XVI: The Tower (La Maison-Dieu)

Card XVII: The Star (L’Étoile)

Card XVIII: The Moon (La Luna)

Card XVIIII: The Sun (Le Soleil)

Card XX: Judgement (Le Jugement)

Card XXI: The World (Le Monde)

Le Mat (The Fool)