Ace of Baton[s]

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Synthetic Meaning

            The baton of green color, in the shape of a club with its branches cut off, held vertically in a closed hand, indicates a material energy created by a condensation of universal life, for the unnecessary extension have been pruned.

            The handling of the Ace of Batons, specified by the line followings cards of which it is the synthesis, engenders a fertility on the three planes, marked by the rain of colored flames.

Analytic Meaning

            The Baton, concentrated strength, indicates material energy, allowing action and shaping of matter. Contrary to the projection before the Sword, it is made to describe, in its handling, a circle consisting of a closed closed curve which envelops, circumscribes, and symbolizes the shape in an elementary fashion.

            The firm way in which the hand holds the baton indicates the power which is between the hands of Man and his mastery over matter. It is a right hand, signifying as does the Ace of Swords, will and control, but opposed to this latter, the wrist is turned to the right and the hand is presenting its internal side, because the energy in matter is manifested immediately, without prior deduction, as is the mental activity of the Sword. The palm suggests a direct actin, the interior being visible and not hidden by the thickness of the hand.

            The Ace of Batons stores up strength and brings about the consolidations and energetic powers which he has in it. With it, Being enjoys its strength of resistance,  by the manner it resists, by its weight and its solidity, in an external shock.

            It is an active power of construction and of realization in matter, having enclosed in it a supply of spirit. This supply is indicated by the arm which passes through a flesh-and-blue colored, fluted sleeve of a circular shape, indicating a material universe and its psychic waves. The red bracelet affirms the bond of this card to matter and its essentially material significance.

            The falling colored flames have the same meaning as they do in the Ace of Swords.

            The baton is represented by the trunk of a tree from which one has cut the branches, because, its spirituality amounting to nothing, it is not able to raise up its branches to what is Above.  It is strictly a terrestrial state on the material plane, but its green color indicates its grand power of fertility on this plane, and the red border of its cut branches express that the branches come about in the material world. The lower extremity, bordered with yellow, signifies that despite the entirely physical state of this symbol, it takes its origins in the Divine Intelligence.

Meanings As They Relate to the Three Planes

            MENTAL. Inspiration in the domain of the practical, an idea coming forth in the course of a matter to activate it.

            ANIMISTIC. Overwhelming feelings, a little exaggerated, more expressive than affective.

            PHYSICAL. Active, brilliant transactions. Success through force. Abundant health, a little excessive, causing incessant activity.

            INVERTED. Bad, lack of energy. Continuous restarting of that which has been undertaken. A result obtained through force will be negated by another force.


          In sum, in its Elementary Sense, the Ace of Batons represents material energy put into Man’s hands to permit him to resist collisions coming from outside, or for him to use as leverage for building something in the physical world.

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