Knight of Coins

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[A very rough draft]

Synthetic Meaning

            Mounted on a walking horse entirely flesh-colored, and the fact thatthe Knight of Coins is directed to the right, resting a baton on his shoulder and gazing at the point positioned in front of him at eye level, symbolizes the balancing of constructive actions by the sureness of his action, his calmness, in the continuation of his movement forward and the perfect direction of his instructions.

Analytic Meaning

            The coin, placed near the top of the card–that is to say, in the spiritual area–clearly before the eyes of the horseman, is like a star fixing his direction and towards which he calmly directs himself.

            The baton, firmly resting on his shoulder, asserts his self-assurance and symbolizes his will, his personal energy, because it is in his right hand.

            The Knight of Coins has no incubation period. Like the Page of Coins, he has already received the message (the Page is exhibiting the coin in his right hand, carrying it in peace with whatever energy is required.

            The Knight of Coins, with the idea of progression evoked by the horse, symbolizes the transformation of words as well, and the yellow baton, held in his right hand, indicates their eventual intelligent destruction on the physical plane.

            His activity is drawn entirely from the vital forces, since the horse is flesh-colored, except for its blue hooves which mark the necessity of supporting the animistic (see the Knight of Swords). The horse by walking indicates a certain advancement, a calm and measured effort; the orientation towards the right affirms the resolve behind the action.

            He rides in the opposite direction of the other Knights, having turned around to underscore clearly that his path is opposite of that which has been drawn for others, their directions having the quality of an outcome, while his is completely isolated and has no contact with human thoughts.

            His hat, round and red with a blue border, signifies his irresponsibility for his eventual destruction and that this takes place in the material world under spiritual influence. We do not see the hand which holds the yellow reigns, this force being directed by an invisible but intelligent hand, not being a destructive force without purpose.

            The red stirrup shows the material fulcrum which the Knight takes up to bring about these transformations.

            The yellow ornaments of the horse have the same meaning as they do for the Knight of Cups, along with the points on the harness and the reigns.

            The colors of his clothing have the same meaning as the Knights of Cups and Batons, along with the ground.

Meanings As They Relate To The Three Planes

            MENTAL. The representation of all that which intelligence devises for construction in the material world: geometric problems, architectural plans.

            ANIMISTIC. emotional stances, stable and progressive.

            PHYSICAL. Necessary guidance given to some matters which progress without worrying  about repercussions, since if they get in the way, he or she will break through them with the baton. Good health. Healing a certainty in the case of a serious, long, or chronic affliction.

            INVERTED. No longer able to act, it is neutralized and has no meaning.


            In its Elementary Sense, the Knight of Coins represents Man carrying on in peace with his mental energies to construct something which is solid and durable.

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