Seven of Swords

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Synthetic Meaning

            The blue sword, precisely drawn, which on the Seven of Swords passes through the oval formed by the six stylized swords, represents an animistic impulse which sets free currents of mental activity buried in the subconscious.

            This Arcanum symbolizes, therefore, the enthusiasm we feel from verifying our innermost knowledge acquired through experience.

Analytic Meaning

            7 = 6 + 1; 6, through its work balancing the spiritual ternary with the material ternary, has accumulated riches; the purpose of the strength added to the 6 is to put them in play. For this, the sword cuts through the oval and symbolizes the act of will which follows the momentum and, through this internal shock, allows the work of the subconscious to become sensitive and to know the possibilities which are in it; in other words, it is Being which, having become conscious of its balance (by the 6), reaches out to know itself through action, that is, through the imposition of its mark (the opening of the oval).

            The literally-drawn sword is blue because 7 is a number of sensitive action: the struggle therefore takes place on the psychic plane with success and must complete the work of the Arcana which precede it, spiritualizing with the blue color of the sword their heaviness. It bears a single black line along its length, while the blade of the blue sword of the Ace has at its base an enhancement of two other lines, and the flesh-colored blades of the 3 and 5 of swords have a double black line at the base, since the Seven of Swords, being more active, meets less resistances, symbolized by the black lines.

            The yellow hilt guard and red grip are similar to those of 3 and the 5, but the shape of the yellow pommel is different, showing thus an activity more concrete and intelligence in matter.

            The explanation of the stylized swords does not vary for this Arcanum. That of the flowers on the outside is similar to that on the 2 and 3 of Swords, but with increased power.

Meanings As They Relate to the Three Planes

            MENTAL. Understanding of things, clarity of ideas, equitable judgement.

            ANIMISTIC. Harmony, psychism, altruism, union, agreement of viewpoints.

            PHYSICAL. Smooth beginning, outcome.

            INVERTED. Depression, darkness, lack of inspiration, groping about to get free.


  In its Elementary Sense, the Seven of Swords represents the test which Man is obliged to submit in order to become aware of some knowledge and without which he would be able to penetrate its intimate meaning.

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