Queen of Batons

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Synthetic Meaning

            Sitting and neatlywrapped, the Queen of Batons, oriented towards the right with her scepter in the shape of a club, her crown resting on her long hair, white and scattered on her shoulders, she represents the intimate grouping of energies of Being for ensuring mastery of matter and defense against the opposing forces which can arise.

Analytic Meaning

            The active preoccupation of the Queen of Batons, facing an unforeseen circumstance, is indicated by her observant gaze turned towards the right, and her mastery, by the shape of her baton.

Specific Analogies

            The interposition of locks of hair between her head and the crown decreases the influence of the later and shows that her mastery is exercised more downwards than what is on High. The red garment, with flesh-colored lining, which drapes her completely, is similarly an indication of her activity in the physical world, as the yellow border is of her intelligence on the various planes oriented around matter.

            Being female and passive, she is not able to act and is therefore sitting, her baton resting on her shoulder; but she is internally gathering her powers as well as forming the gesture with her left hand to draw back and hold in place the blue fabric on her knees sufficiently to cover herself up against an exterior attack. This covering indicating the psychic powers she has in reserve at her disposal and the attack can signify an affliction as much as an adverse situation.

            The elevated seat of the Queen of Swords is here replaced by a low seat, hardly visible, to show that, being more material, she does not rely as much as on a higher plane.

            Her belt, the function of which is to support and to adjust the middle part of her body, indicates with its seven points that she is able to vibrate with confidence in the seven states of matter.[1]

            The black lines going in different directions on the ground illustrate the imperfections of the material world on which she is based and symbolize the sources of resistance, the obstacles, the difficulties which Being faces in order to ensure the workings of the energies on the material world.

Meanings As They Relate to the Three Planes

            MENTAL. Absolute confidence in one’s undertakings with respect to their resilience and their success.

            ANIMISTIC. Protection in the event of discord or disunity. She boosts confidence because the covering on her knees indicates her power of protection.

            PHYSICAL. Great internal energy, preservation in business and in health.

            INVERTED. Matters being weighed down, confusion, and vulgarity because of its matter, one has difficulty negotiating obstacles.



            In Sum, the Queen of Batons represents the gathering of his intimate forces which Man must complete beforehand to ensure his triumphovermaterial energies and his protection against their reactions.

[1] Physical, liquid, gaseous, to which are added the four ethereal states.

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