Page of Batons

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Synthetic Meaning

            The Page of Batons, by its orientation towards the right, his left foot forward, prepared to walk, by his two hands placed on the vertical green baton, as if he were about to use it, indicates a tension between his passivity and an action about to take place in the material world, regarded as a source of energy.

            It indicates that the forces of nature are at the disposal of Man and are always ready to be used by him.

Analytic Meaning

            The green baton in the shape of a club, indicates the vital energies which the man will use for support, as a lever, as a hammer or, as a subtle force, by its blazing. The hands of the page are positioned on the baton without gripping it, thus indicating an awareness of these forces, and the space between them shows activity and capability in all domains, since his hold on the baton is complete.

            The Page’s red cap suggests that his work is organized on the physical plane, crowned with intelligence and the absence of subjectivity, as shown by its two bands, one yellow and the other white.

Specific Analogies

            The green of the baton signifies that matter is not able to produce any fruits until it has a state of awareness. Its shape, thicker end downward, symbolizes that matter will always be heavier, but that it will have, for the one who knows how to use it, a very solid foundation and will become his servant in all things. It may, however, be the instrument of his destruction, depending on to what use it is put.

            The red mantle, lined with yellow, worn over a blue jacket with blue and flesh-colored sleeves, symbolizes the fact that the forces of nature are only effective if one does not venture into the spiritual domain. If he does enter it, these forces will no longer be manageable by him. It will therefore be necessary for him, in order to make use of them, to cover himself with a red mantle (material), but he may not forget that, while handling them, he must dress himself inwardly with spirituality (blue).

            His bare legs remind us that these forces which are able to serve Man on his journey will not, however, bring him anything which he himself can hand down; he will remain naked, because these forces do not contribute anything in the purely spiritual domain and they do not assist his evolution.

            The black lines on the yellow ground (the mental), on his blue clothing (spiritual), and on bis flesh-colored lower half (physical action), as well as on his white hair (objectivity), represent resistant forces in the material world, but the tufts of green grass and the baton are the guarantee of an energy which will permit him to triumph over these obstacles.

Meanings As They Relate To The Three Planes

            MENTAL. Things brought to work and ready to be put to use. Shaping something which will take on a definite form.

            ANIMISTIC. An imminent union which is preparing to manifest; its physical realization.

            PHYSICAL. Imminent action (the Page holds the baton and is ready to maneuver it). Health regained. Getting started on some matter in preparation. It will proceed from the planning stage to actualization.

            INVERTED. Delay.  Complicated plans in disarray.


  In sum, in its Elementary Sense, the Page of Batons indicates the fermentation of material energies available to Man and which motivate him to act.

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