Representation of the Numbers on the Minor Arcana

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            The number of objects depicted on each minor from 2 through 10, with the exception of Coins, is indicated on the horizontal axis, to the right and to the left, expressing the duality and indicating therefore that these cards are passive, and thus impersonal and inoperative in of themselves, and that they suggest a possible signal, a subordination to other cards, and that they do nothing but offer a property which the other cards direct.

            This clarifies their role eclipsed by the Major Arcana, and this meaning is accentuated also by the Coins. In effect, they do not  bear a number—the circle which represents them has neither beginning nor end–they are able to adapt to all creation, just as money is able to be at the service of all human undertakings.

            These four series of minor cards, with the exception of the Aces, are represented with relation to two axes of symmetry, the vertical and the horizontal; the former characterizing activity, the division into two parts; the latter, the passive signification, separating the Above from the Below–the Spiritual and the Material–making apparent, most of the time, a distinction between the elements of the card.

            The Minor Arcana with figures which by their resemblance to people indicate a personality, are named to affirm this, and hence their predominance over the other minor Arcana.            The Aces bear no numbers, since they represent the synthesis of the series of the cards which they refer to, and, consequently, they are not able to have a place in the rankings. Nevertheless, the cards which follow them, bearing the number which transposes Unity onto another plane, allow their original character to be revealed.

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