Card VIII: La Justice

Rough Draft

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            The number 8 can be broken down into (2 + 2) + (2 + 2) or 2 x 4. The first grouping implies a polarization of the number 4, that is, the quaternary viewed as active-passive and, in its opposition, as spirit and matter. On the other hand, as the 4 is essentially material, it can be said with 2 x 4 that the 8 is material balance developing between the passivity of matter and its activity.


General and Abstract Meaning


This is why this card comes after the Chariot, in order to inspire humanity with the idea of balance and regulating his obligations and rights in the course of his evolution.


Specific Analogies

             Depicted on the card is a woman whose feet are not visible, seated on a yellow throne, substantial and solid, because cosmic justice, issued from the divine, is immutable, impassive, and grounded in intelligence. Her sword, held in her right hand and flush with the upper border of the throne, and with its pommel resting on her knee, indicates implacability, vigor, and rectitude; it is the sword posed to strike, resting on the base itself of justice, and its yellow color means that it represents sanction applied with intelligence and without the spirit of retribution.

The scales denote its capacity to make judgements in the material plane; they are yellow along with the harm that holds them. The weighing is carried out with intelligence.

Her head is completely surrounded with yellow hair. This protects her against a mixture of thoughts in questions which she must pass judgement on, as well as detailing the fact that justice is  completely enclosed, that is, away from all influence and infringement, and that her intelligence does not come from her own head, but from the intelligence of all those who realize themselves what they are owed and what they owe. Her sovereignty is affirmed further by the golden crown resting on her hair and the central circle in the shape of an eye, symbolizing her gaze which man cannot escape, along with the rectitude of her judgement.

Together, her collar and the braid of gold which she wears on her chest show the portion of humanity which she introduces into her judgement, while remaining bound to the law of balance.

Her red robe and her blue mantel represent the passionate activities on the psychic and physical planes which she wears in support of her judgements.

The tufts of yellow grass represent passive fertility, and the yellow earth is the base of wisdom.



Orientation of the Figure

             She is facing boldly forward; this is the only card which is presented in this way; it implies direct action to the full extent, but through inner workings (given her seated position).



Specific and Concrete Meaning

             The title “LA JUSTICE” has been given to it to represent the judgement of actions which Man has performed for good or ill in the course of his passing through the material world, as indicated by the previous card.



Meanings as They Relate to the Three Planes

        MENTAL. Clarity of judgement, advice for making just evaluations, knowing how to do things and appreciate eventualities.

        ANIMISTIC. Curtness, contribution of strictly what is owed, possibility of cutting emotional attachments, divorce, separation. This card is the principle of rigor.

        PHYSICAL. Trial, rehabilitation, justice rendered. Balance of health, but with abundance, owing to the immobility of the card.


          INVERTED. Loss, condemnation, injustice, trial with conviction. Tremendous disorder, people victimized by crooks.


            In sum, in its Basic Sense, “LA JUSTICE” represents the judgement imposed on Man by his deep conscious, in appraisal of the balance and imbalance engendered by his acts with all their happy and unhappy consequences.


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