Complete Translation of Marteau in English Now Available!

I am always awash with diverse projects, and I had to keep putting my translation of Paul Marteau’s Le Tarot de Marseilles on hold. So, I was delighted–and a mite relieved–to see that some other enterprising fellow just released a complete translation of his own, and in a print version, too. Hooray! No more need for me to chip away at my own translation. All the same, I’ll leave the parts I’ve translated—which includes all the Major Arcana and a third or so of the Minors–up on my site for anyone to consult who cannot avail him- or herself of this new English translation (which can easily be found on Amazon).

Now, I haven’t seen the new English translation and so I’m in no position to offer critical comment on it. I’m just pleased to see Marteau accessible to the Anglophone world.

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